Alocasia Scalprum

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Alocasia Scalprum or also called Samar Lance has a thick and rubbery with intricate venation leaves. Unlike other common Alocasia, Alocasia Scalprum leaves are much more narrower, arrowhead like shaped. New leaf emerges in a lighter green but turned into a beautiful darker green with a slight tinge of blue.


Alocasia Scalprum can be grown in low light but will benefit from it. Filtered light or full shade.


They love warm temperature 18C-29C. Never let the temperature dropped below 10C. Avoid cold draft or sudden temperature changes.


Like any other aroids, Alocasia loves moist soil but you should not soak it in water. To ensure even watering, thoroughly water it until the water runs out of the bottom and keep water it until a good 2-3 minutes.

Water when the top 2-3 inches of soil is dry.


They can tolerate low humidity but aim for 50% at least for best growth.


When it comes to soil, they love rich and moist soil. They can be grown in few inches of standing water, making it perfect for pond or the surrounding. When grown in pot, they need porous soil with excellent drainage, try our soilless aroid mix! They love to be root bound so avoid rushing to move the plant into bigger pot.


Fertiliser is an important component for a thriving plant. Opted for urea free and salt free fertiliser like Growth Technology and fertiliser every week in growing season and in winter, depending on the environment, if they slowing down then reduce to once every 3-4 weeks. Make sure the soil is damp / thoroughly watered before feeding to avoid root burn.

Alocasia is not pet safe.

Pro tip: If the temperatures drop too low (consistently below 15C), Alocasia can go dormant, but don't worry they will bounce back better when the weather starts warming up. You can leave them in soil but avoid watering.

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NOTE: The pictures are for indication only. We will pack these incredibly carefully and with utmost care, however they are delicate and these plants are shipped at the buyers risk. We really recommend to keep them on heat mat and propagation box after you receive it and throughout its first winter.