Anthurium Hookeri (Pure)

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This is a fast grower in Anthurium family. They have long leaves and often called Bird's Nest Anthurium and not to be confused with the bird's nest fern though their leaves almost look the same. 

They are not the most common plant but they surely worth the work.


Anthurium Hookeri needs bright but indirect sunlight for optimal health. They need to absorb plenty of light to thrive and to go through photosynthesis. Natural lights is best for this anthurium.


They can tolerate no lower temperature conditions than most other houseplants, though they will thrive in environment from 13°-32°C


Keep them moist in hot season and growing period. 
During the colder months, however, you should let the upper soil completely dry before watering again.


Being a tropical plants they will love and appreciate humidity however they can still live in lower humidity. 


Like any other aroid, they love good drainage and airy soil. It’s important to have good oxygen flow to prevent from root rot.


Anthurium needs a lot of phosphate to produce lush leaves, so make sure your fertiliser has a high amount of phosphate.

Pro tip: use our net clear pot for best root observation.