Moss Pole

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Classic way to provide support for those epiphytes. Moss poles mimic the texture of moist, mossy bark and provide physical support for your plants to grow aerial roots and climb upward.

It supports the growth of your plants, train their growth habit, and for those with adventitious roots, provide extra micronutrients to your plants. The contact between aerial roots and the moss pole can trigger the development of larger, more mature leaves.

It is imperative to keep your moss pole moist all the time to allow the aerial roots another source of water when they're fully attached to the support.

If your goal is to achieve large and mature leaves, then you have to make sure each node and aerial roots are in contact with the moss pole. Use our plant velcro to help secure the plants into moss pole.

All moss pole comes already filled with moss, some may dry out to make it easier in shipping so pre soaked your moss in water, diluted seaweed tonic, or fertilizer.

Height 90cm
Diameter 5cm
Material PVC coated wire