Philodendron Burle Marx (reverted)

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One of the easiest in the Philodendron family, if you are looking for a fast growing and low maintenance plant that will create an exotic atmosphere in your home then this is it! 

The mother plants has striking yellow variegated. Some of them has small signs of variegation on the stem but are not 100% guaranteed will be variegated.

I have had reverted division throwing variegation again.


Bright filtered light is the best for Philodendron Burle Marx, however it can tolerate low light too which makes them perfect for those dark corners at home.

A north facing windows would be perfect for them.


They can tolerate no lower temperature conditions than most other houseplants, though they will thrive in environment from 15°-25°C


Keep them moist in hot season and growing period. 
During the colder months, however, you should let the upper soil completely dry before watering again.


Being a tropical plants they will love and appreciate humidity however they can still live in lower humidity. 
If the air gets too dry, mist once in awhile or pebble tray would help to keep the humidity up and will help if their new growth get stuck.


Like any other aroid, they love good drainage and airy soil. It’s important to have good oxygen flow to prevent from root rot.


Being a fast growing plant, make sure to fertilize them during the growing season.

Pro tip: for an additional aesthetic, you can plant them in hanging basket and let them bush out. For those in Whangarei, this plant is a great ground cover!