Philodendron Florida

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Philodendron Florida has a very unique leaf shape. It is an easy care and low maintenance houseplants. 


Give Philodendron Florida bright indirect light and it will take over the space in no time. 


They can tolerate no lower temperature conditions than most other houseplants, though they will thrive in environment from 15°-35°C


They don't like wet feet so let the top 4-6cm dry out before drenching them. 


Philodendron Florida doesn't require any special humidity requirement. They can live with moderate humidity, however the healthiest Florida live in high humidity, like the jungles they originate from.


Like any other aroid, they love good drainage and airy soil. It’s important to have good oxygen flow to prevent from root rot. Florida loves rich, well draining potting soil that high in organic matter. 


Nitrogen will help the leaves grow large and that your Florida glows with green health, so look for fertiliser that is high in Nitrogen. Make sure the soil is moist before you fertilise or otherwise it could hurt the roots.