Philodendron Giganteum (from variegated parents)

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Philodendron Giganteum isn't a delicate accent plants, they produce big lush lustrous green leaves that will fill out any space in no time. It is another easy care Philodendron that will make a big statement in any interior.


The Giganteum leaves are rich green that means they require plenty of light to produce all that chlorophyll. If kept indoor, give them semi bright filtered light and they will get bigger faster.


They can tolerate no lower temperature conditions than most other houseplants, though they will thrive in environment from 13°-27°C


This plant loves moisture; both seedling and mature plant. If you grow them in a pot and indoor, let the top 3cm dry out before drenching them. In the fall and winter, you can cut back on watering but don't let the plant fall short on moisture.


As with all tropical plants a humid environment is good for them. Keep the humidity above 60% for the best result in plant's growth and health.


Like any other aroid, they love good drainage and airy soil. It’s important to have good oxygen flow to prevent from root rot. Giganteum loves rich, loose potting soil that high in organic matter. 


If you grow them in an organic rich soil then it will not need a lot of additional fertiliser. If it's in a pot and additional balanced fertiliser every two months would be enough.