Aroid Mix

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Tropical Potting Mix

Fern Fibre Because we all know how good is the stuff by now. However not many people knows that the fibre itself has good level of NPK so all these “fibre doesn’t have nutrients” is not true. Not only that, if you use straight fibre and leave the plant in tray of water ALL THE TIME, they will still thrive! Fern fibre is super porous and airy and even though it lives in tray of water they still allow oxygen to flow! In saying that.. mixing it with soil will void this ability.

Neem granules Not everyone’s favourite but it is mine and it helps me save tons of times when it comes to pest control. It helps to eliminate the larvae of unwanted bugs in the media and it controls fungus gnats, mealies, spider mites and many other things! And extra bonus, it lasts a long time too

Biochar / Activated Charcoal This will help to minimise the neem smell. It also helps with minimising nutrients leeching by absorbing some of your fertiliser and slowly giving it back. It also a good bugs repellent too.

Wormcast / Vermicast It is the most organic way to feed your plants and enhance / condition your soil. Aroid especially loves organic matter and our worms has been working extremely hard to provide this for you.

#2 bark  To give you that extra aeration

Slow release fertilizer For that extra oomph!

Balanced fertilizer and rooting hormone is special mix and just extra additional for the plants